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Engineering the Risk out of Flooring and Walkways
Orleans/Rosalie/St.Claude, 3rd Floor

Retail customers and restaurant goers are constantly inundated with stimuli vying for their attention. When these stimuli are combined with challenging environmental factors, a recipe for disaster is created. This presentation by a forensic engineer who designs and tests parking lots and walkways, and two attorneys - one who manages claims for a major retailer and the other who defends against claims for insurance and retail who have litigated a number of slip, trip and fall accidents in retail settings - takes a close look at mitigating some of the risk out of flooring and walkways. The elements discussed will include walkway design, flooring surfaces, codes and standards, cleaning and maintenance, coefficients of friction and more! Join this conversation that focuses on making your customers’ dining and shopping experiences injury-free.

Panelists: Jason Boyd, PE; Brian Kane, Esq.; Douglas Stipanovich, Esq.

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