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General Session - Traumatic Brain Injury or The Eyes Have It?
Oceana Ballroom AB, Ground Level

Over the past 5 years, TBI claims have become one of the fastest growing and most expensive types of personal injury litigation. These days, TBI claims seemingly arise out of every minor accident, and the subjective nature of the claim has made them difficult to defend. During this one hour program, we will introduce the audience to a brand new, ground breaking medical test. This test takes advantage of cutting edge scientific advancement that conclusively identifies objective biomarkers that can prove or disprove the existence of TBI. The attendees will be introduced to Dr. George Gitchel, the Director of Clinical Research for the Parkinson’s disease Research Education and Clinical Center, at the Richmond Virginia Department of Veteran’s Affairs Medical Center. We will also discuss the test used in the treatment and diagnosis of TBI, and provide some real-life examples of the test’s utility and effectiveness. Finally, we will discuss the use and availability of the test in litigation.

Moderator: Brian Cafritz; Panelist: George Gitchel, PhD

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