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Innovative Expert Awards
Oceana Ballroom AB, Ground Level


  1. Experience the On-Site Inspection...Virtually - Zane Sadik, CED Technologies
  2. 3D Imaging; Stemming the Growth of Exaggerated Injuries - Joe Fogarty, Authentic 4D
  3. Jury Evaluator Plus - Ross Suter, Esq., Magna Legal Servies

Join us for the 3rd annual Innovative Expert Presentations. Leading industry experts will introduce their cutting edge products, technologies or services to you, the attendees. Each chosen expert will have 10 minutes to show how their leading edge product, technology or service can aid in saving money, reducing the number and severity of claims, manage common risks, and enhance defense of litigated matters, medical or liability, in the retail and restaurant industry. At the end of the session, you will vote for the winner of the “Innovative NRRDA Expert” of the year award.

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